The Band

The Ceilidh Liberation Front is London’s newest, most radical, and most colourful ceilidh band. Subverting and converting the world with their energetic new ceilidh regime, they breathe vigour and vitality into the traditional ceilidh, whilst honouring its roots and traditions.

‘The CLF are a rip-roaring party band sure to get even the most reluctant dancer furiously foot-stomping with the best of them!’ – Kings Place


United under the banner of The Nest Collective, London’s brightest folk club, and originally brought together by Mercury music prize nominee Sam Lee, this ceilidh ensemble are a coming together of the finest musicians, the most charismatic callers, the most uplifting and inspiring tunes, and the best dances… mostly traditional, with some bespoke dancing creations and the odd spontaneous improvisation!

‘The event was totally packed, and full of high energy, great fun, and good spirit from start to finish…we would love to have them back again!’ – Southbank Centre

Featuring a small army of virtuoso musicians collected from the four corners of the land, planted in the soils of Britain’s rich traditional music history, watered by years of playing, exploring, collaborating and innovating, and now blossoming together in this new-old-beautiful-fantastical formation, the CLF combines music, dance, and a generous sprinkling of theatricals to bring this unique experience to the world. Ceilidh music as you’ve never heard (or seen) it before, make sure you bring your dancing shoes.

‘London’s newest dance craze is about to flutter into life, taking the traditional ceilidh as its starting point, but ripping up the rule book, souping up the music and subverting the dance moves’ – The Londonist

The CLF regularly play venues and stages up and down the country, and are available for bookings for all events… drop us a line and tell us what you’ve got going on!

‘The ceilidh was absolutely brilliant, everyone had such a fun (and energetic!) evening – from the avid dancers to the grumpy old men in the corner who were up on their feet in no time! It was a wonderful way to get everyone involved and we all had so much fun, thank you.’ – The Rose Theatre Kingston


The Nest Collective (offspring of The Magpie’s Nest – BBC Folk Club of 2010) – has grown to become London’s place to go for discovering the amazing resurgence in music being made under the banner of ‘New Folk, Old Folk & No Folk’. Formed in 2006, The Nest Collective hosts regular events, creating platforms for traditionally-inspired British and World artists from both emerging and established backgrounds. Musicians and audiences alike come for our unique intimate and un-pedestaled environment, no matter which venue, for the making of music and the opportunity to be part of a shared experience.

The Ceilidh Liberation Front is delighted to have played shows with…

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